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Vicar's Monthly Letter

Dear Everyone


What a summer or should I say prolonged cold spring, Of course by the time you read this we may be having balmy days of sunshine but at the time of writing it does not feel like that. In one sense we are so used to things happening at a certain time that when the seasons misbehave it throws us completely out. And the seasons are certainly not going to plan at present. Climate change or any change for that matter is rarely welcome and yet that is about to happen. I write this letter 3 weeks away from the General Election so that by the time you read this you will either be voting or know the result. The result, no matter what it is, will result in change and depending upon which side of the argument you are on, that will either be for the good or the bad. That is the thing about elections. They produce a change which is inevitable and we all approach that change from different perspectives.


Its the same with faith, some of us want the church and worship to remain as it always has, others look to new ways of worship and of ‘being church’. There is something very comfortable about not changing, doing things the way we always have done. But I would argue that we can also find comfort in occasionally doing things differently. Quiet days, retreats and even pet services can help us all to look for God in different ways. That is part of the mystery, if you like, of church and church going that we can discover our faith in so many varied ways. I know in his last letter to you, Steven focused on church attendance and whilst numbers are down nationally I firmly believe that our churches have so much to offer. Places of quiet and reflection, places of comfort and solace, places of welcome and community. Churches offer something unique, a place where you can intentionally be closer to God. Come along and see!


Finally looking back on the last few months (weather aside) it has been reassuring to see our King re-enter public life, to see a semblance of courtesy in our politics compared to so many other places in the world and above all to look back at the D Day commemorations and remind ourselves of the true meaning of service and sacrifice. Let the example of our forebears spur us on to do good things in the community and let their sacrifice be not in vain.


Every blessing for a lovely summer!



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