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Here are a number of maps for each stage including the new stage from Cradley to Stanford Bishop. To the right there are also 2 downloadable GPX files that will work with any compatible GPS mobile phone app.

Map 1
Cradley to A4103


Map 2
A4103 to Grittlesend


Map 3
Grittlesend to Suckley Court


Map 4 Suckley Court to Stanford Bishop

1 Stanford Bishop to Upper Venn.png

Map 5
Stanford Bishop to Upper Venn

2 Upper Venn to Bishops Frome.png

Map 6
Upper Venn to Bishops Frome

3 Bromtrees to Much Cowarne.png

Map 7
Hopes Rough Farm to Much Cowarne

4 Much Cowarne to Ocle Pychard.png

Map 8
Much Cowarne to Ocle Pychard

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